Coronation Street Stars Run Afoul of British Advertising Standards

coronation street stars, twitter freebies

coronation street stars, twitter freebies

In what may be shaping up to be a highly publicized sting and embarrassment for cast members of the popular British soap opera “Coronation Street”, investigators have caught several prominent cast members promoting items they received free of charge in ways that run afoul of advertising standards.

The cast members involved include Krissi Bohn, Mary Foote, Jazmine Franks, Cherylee Houston, Catherine Tyldesley, and Brooke Vincent.

A source said: “Many of the Corrie cast come across very, very badly in the footage.

“They are shown demanding handfuls of free goods in exchange for tweets or photographs, and behaving like total divas.

“It will be mortifying for them, but shows their true colours to the TV audience for the first time.

“Some of them are totally shameless and will clearly do almost anything for a freebie.

“Fans of the show will be shocked and appalled at the way some of them behave.

“It throws the murky world of underhand celebrity endorsement deals into the public eye.

“Young fans may believe that all these endorsements are genuine, but in fact many are just shameless plugs in exchange for freebies.

“The stars negotiate hard to get as much free stuff as possible.”

The Advertising Standards Authority (UK equivalent of the US Federal Trade Commission) tweeted endorsements of goods they had received from investigators posing as a corporation called “Puttana Aziendale”. Unfortunately, neither of the ladies could speak Italian otherwise they would have noticed the curious name of the corporation as being “Corporate *****”. Each of the recipients received gifts and tweeted endorsements which did not comply with ASA regulations that free gifts be identified as such.

The source said: “Corrie stars get invited to these gifting events all the time.
“But at this one they were fed a load of rubbish about the mystical powers of completely fake products and it looks like they fell for it hook line and sinker.”

The tweets expressed gratitude for the energy bracelets which Bohn claimed would make her cold hands a distant memory. Cherylee Houston explained she was sleeping with the bracelet and using the perfume on her face. Jazmine Franks expressed her anticipation over being using the gifts. There is no word yet as to what may be the fallout from the scandal.

Coronation Street freebie scandal

coronation street stars, twitter freebies Scandal