Mcdonald's Monopoly Back: So What Are You Chances Of Winning?

Mcdonald’s Monopoly Back: So What Are You Chances Of Winning?

McDonald’s Monopoly Game is Back

The annual game of monopoly at McDonald’s has kicked off. The game features the small monopoly pieces that patrons can peel off certain size drinks, French fries, and other food items.

The game will run through the last days of the month. Perhaps the question can be asked: is it easier to win the McDonald’s Monopoly grand prize of $1M or the Powerball? T

he answer is that mathematically, you stand a better chance of winning the McDonald’s grand prize by collecting both Park Place & Boardwalk game pieces than you do of winning the Powerball, but not by much.

Every patron stands a 1 in 600M chance of winning the McDonald’s Monopoly grand prize. Compare that to a 1 in 750M chance of winning the Powerball. Just like with Casinos, the house will be the guaranteed winner.

Yahoo breaks down your chances of winning:

There are approximately 602,490,060 game pieces in play.

This means that there are 1.2 billion game stamps, or individual attempts at victory.

There are 135,540,995 food prizes

There are 15,838,729 instant win prizes.

The odds of winning a prize at the in-store game are 1 in 4, or a 25% probability.

And the chances of winning a food prize?

Medium Fries ($1.75) – Odds 1 in 9, or 11.1% chance you win.
Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese ($3.60) – Odds 1 in 44, or 2.3% chance you win.
Small McCafe or Smoothie ($2.40) – Odds 1 in 44, or 2.3% chance you win.
McFlurry ($2.55) – Odds 1 in 44, or 2.3% chance you win.
Breakfast Sandwich ($2.65) — Odds 1 in 22, or 4.6% chance you win

Those who try in earnest to win McDonald’s Monopoly certainly stand a better chance of gaining weight due to the high sodium and fat content of the food than they do of getting rich.

Those who play the Powerball will find their pocket books weighing quite a bit less. Still, when the instant prizes are factored in, McDonald’s patrons have a 25% of winning something.

Yahoo also gives tips on the pieces worth keeping.

So here are the only game pieces that are actually very valuable. Don’t trade these away:
BROWN: Mediterranean Ave, odds 1 in 30 million wins $1,000.
LIGHT BLUE: Vermont Ave, odds 1 in 40 million, wins $5,000.
PINK: Virginia Ave, odds 1 in 200 million, wins $10,000
ORANGE: Tennessee Ave, odds 1 in 602 million, wins Super Bowl tickets.
RED: Kentucky Ave, odds 1 in 15 million, wins one of 40 plane tickets for two.
YELLOW: Ventnor Ave, odds 1 in 300 million, wins $20,000
GREEN: Pennsylvania Ave, odds 1 in 40 million, wins one of 15 Fiat cars.
BLUE: Boardwalk, 1 in 602 million, wins $1,000,000 in $50,000 annual payments.
RAILROADS: Short Line railroad, 1 in 150 million, wins a year’s supply of gas.

If you’re ready to play, here are the rules.

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