farrah abraham to get her own show: reports

farrah abraham to get her own show: reports

Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham to Get New Reality TV Show

Former reality TV star Farrah Abraham of the show “Teen Mom” may be returning to television screens in a new reality TV show of her own which is called a “docu-soap,” according to FOX news.

Apparently, Abraham’s sex tape has achieved the objective of enhancing her career.

Abrahams says the tape was meant to be private which is curious since it was professionally made with a male porn star chosen to engage in intimate congress with her.

The film was then released shortly after it was made. Regardless, Abrahams will star in a show that will feature her daily struggles as a 22-year-old single-mother. It should be noted that no network has officially agreed to air the episodes on television at this time. The irony of the whole matter is that the new show may actually end up being private unlike her “private” sex tape.

The film company, Spinobi films, has no major credits to its name other than a small documentary by Sally Jessy Raphael. Perhaps this effort is a good way to further launch the careers of both parties involved. Abraham has been letting her fan-base know about the show via Twitter which she regularly uses to communicate with the world.

‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham gets new reality show