Maria Menounos Explains Weight Loss After Sugar Addiction

TV Personality Maria Menounos admits she has struggled with her weight ever since she was a teenager. The host of “Extra” reports that she now stocks a very healthy kitchen ever since becoming addicted to all the sugary foods she was not allowed to consume as a child.

Looking stunning on the cover of Ladies Home Journal, the 35-year-old recalls that her Greek family stuck to a strictly Mediterranean diet of fresh vegetables, grains and beans with fresh fruit for dessert. She says she first encountered such sugar-laden treats as waffles and bagels when a high school student.

“There were no chips, ice cream, or sugary cereals anywhere at home…I didn’t even know what bagels or waffles were until late in high school,” she tells the mag, describing how her parents, both immigrants from Greece, were raised on a Mediterranean diet and her father had type 1 diabetes. “For dinner we ate a variety of dishes made with lentils, vegetables, and beans from the garden. Our dessert? Fruit.”

“In my freshman year of high school I was a size 3, and I grew a size every year,” Menounos said, adding that “it got worse in college.” “I didn’t gain the Freshman 15—I gained the Freshman 40,” she admitted.

maria menounos 40 pound weight loss

maria menounos 40 pound weight loss

By the time she got her first job in a donut shop, she began sampling some of the forbidden foods she was not allowed to eat at home. Her dress size quickly increased from a svelte size 3, becoming one size larger every year. By the time she was in college, she had gained 40 pounds and was a size 14, accustomed to eating a whole pizza in one sitting and always making sure she had an ample supply of such snack foods as potato chips.

In her early 20s, she resolved to lose weight in order to stop feeling tired all of the time. She created her own diet plan and within 12 month’s time, had lost 40 pounds. She advises others who have fallen into the junk food trap to begin making conscious healthy food choices, limit portion sizes, stay active and exercise regularly and set a deadline for achieving any weight loss goals.

Between running, recreational sports, and Pilates, she has maintained a body weight of 125 to 130 pounds which is fabulous given her height of 5’8″. She also practices martial arts to stay fit.

She also advises to keep your weight loss journey to yourself (“Why make it harder?”) in addition to tying your weight loss goal to an event.

“Before you change your diet, spend a week recording everything that you eat—and when you ate it—in a weight-loss journal,” she advises. “Now that you know what you’re eating,” Menounos says you should focus on cutting back slowly. And girl is serious! She admits to previously eating seven pizza slices in one sitting.

maria menounos 40 pound weight loss

maria menounos 40 pound weight loss