Amy Robach's New Role

Amy Robach’s New Role

Josh Elliott is Out, Amy Robach is IN

Correspondent, Amy Robach, has been selected to replace former Good Morning America news anchor, Josh Elliott. Salary talks between ABC’s Good Morning America and Elliott came to a halt when several months of contract negotiations ended in a stalemate. Elliott was asking for a $10 million dollar annual salary, ten time the amount of his current $1 million dollar salary, but was only offered half of that amount by the ABC network. Negotiations ended with Elliott parting ways with Good Morning America to pursue an opportunity with NBC.

Good Morning America audiences are familiar with Robach, which is important for the network. Audiences reacted positively to her when Robach temporarily filled in for Robin Roberts who was on leave to deal with medical issues. ABC News Chief, Ben Sherwood, had commented on how impressed he, and the network had been, with her strong coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Robach was a clear choice to become the new Good Morning America news anchor.

The morning ABC show has been gaining audiences, beating the ratings of NBC’s popular ‘Today’ show, and much of that is due to the positive chemistry of the Good Morning America team. The likability of the Good Morning America team has been a critical factor in its recent increase in television ratings.