Jenna Ushkowitz is officially single! Although the rising star from “Glee” spent over three years in a relationship with Michael Trevino of “Vampire Diaries,” the actress casually announced her separation while signing autographs with fans on May 19.

The story broke in a rather unusual venue. Typically, celebrity break-ups warrant publicity agents and press releases. The revelation leaked in a candid response to a question from an admirer. When asked about her former lover, Uskowitz unemotionally chimed, “We’re not together anymore.”

Ushkowitz’s nonchalant approach to moving on is refreshing amidst a time marred by famous people mistreating each other. The lack of drama is surprising considering their public stature, but the two have graciously composed themselves with the media during their entire courtship. Besides annual birthday wishes, the actress hardly mentioned her former boyfriend without being pressured; in fact, the two public personalities were very private about the entire ordeal from start to finish.

If her heart was ever even broken in the first place, Jenna is definitely recovering from it now. She is currently mending her relationship woes by partying in Hawaii with her personal friends. Among the cast of supportive travelers is co-star Kevin McHale.

The lady clearly knows how to handle a rift, and she is showing her social fortitude by traveling to the top destination for bachelorettes in the world. As she recently tweeted about her exotic island adventure, “All my dreams come true. Vacation in a hotel bed, Titanic on TV, A/C running, legs half under the covers and @totle9 besides me.”

So, there are definitely no hard feelings! As a matter of fact, Ushkowitz claims that the two are still on good terms. When addressing the matter publicly for the first time, Jenna simply characterized their current level of friendship as “wonderful.”


Jenna Ushkowitz Heartbroken? Not in Hawaii