Country singer Miranda Lambert, age 30, is still madly in love with her husband and fellow country singer Blake Shelton. She’s also very tight with her brother Luke as a selfie she posted on Instagram indicates. The photograph was taken at a restaurant where the siblings were seen posing next to alcoholic beverages. It was pretty obvious that Miranda and Luke are related. They have the same eyes, smile, and cheekbones. The picture reveals a spirit of tenderness between the two. Miranda was seen wearing a polka dot bandanna with dark eyeliner on her eyes. Miranda added a caption that she and her brother Luke were enjoying each other’s company along with margaritas.

Thus far, Lambert has kept her relationship with her brother largely out of the public eye. She doesn’t often speak about him. However, she has on some occasions enjoyed his company as her escort to various functions such as the 2011 46th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards. Lambert is quite busy promoting her latest CD “Platinum”. She’s been traveling the country on her music tour, but still made time to enjoy quality time with her sibling.

Last month, she celebrated her third year of marriage to husband Blake Shelton. She most recently took a break from the hectic tour schedule to enjoy a vacation with her man. He got an old boat fixed up so that the two could get out on Lake Texoma near the Oklahoma-Texas border. In Shelton’s own words, his wife would be in need of some veg-out time and he proactively got the boat fixed so that the two could do precisely that: veg-out on the water. He had the expectation of ingratiating himself with his wife and probably did. Despite the rocky controversial start to their relationship with Shelton being married to Kaynette Gern, they’ve done well together.

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