Jenette McCurdy Explains Her Feud With Ariana Grande

Jenette McCurdy Explains Her Feud With Ariana Grande

Ever since the television show “Sam and Cat” was cancelled last year, there have been rumors circulating that Jenette McCurdy and her co-star Ariana Grande have been feuding. Jenette talked about the alleged feud in a recent interview. She does not deny that the two were at odds with each other before the series ended. However, Jenette insists that she does not have a problem with her co-star.

Jenette says that she and Ariana Grande were extremely close while they were filming the series, and they remain close to this day. She also says that she and Ariana were alike in many ways. Additionally, she says that some people enjoy starting drama. Jenette admits that she has butted heads with Grande, but she says it was in a sisterly way. She thinks that is is unfortunate people have taken things the wrong way.

Jenette talked about how she and Ariana would often have long hours on the set, and this would often cause some trouble. However, she says that every friendship has its ups and downs. Jenette says that the bond she shared with Grande is one that will never be broken.

She also says that she had this same bond with Miranda Cosgrove. Jenette and Miranda were co-stars in the show called “ICarly”. “Sam and Cat” was a spinoff of “ICarly.” The show premiered in July 2013 and ran until July 2014. Before the show was cancelled, Jenette stated that Nickelodeon was paying Ariana more than her.

Nickelodeon had originally planned for “Sam and Cat” to have a second season. However, the show was put on hiatus and eventually cancelled after just one season. “Sam and Cat was a very popular show. The pilot episode had 4.2 million viewers, and it also won the Kid’s Choice Award for Favorite Show.