Welcome to Sweden Gets Shut Down

Television series come and go all of the time. NBC knows this as well as anyone.

Tuesday afternoon was when NBC made the announcement that its comedy called “Welcome to Sweden” was being canceled. The announcement came from Greg Poehler on Instagram, who cited “craptastically low ratings” as being the major reason for why the cancellation is happening.

NBC later confirmed the cancellation of the series itself, which drew ratings of 0.3 and 0.2 during its last two broadcasts. The show, which was only in its second season on the air, managed to pull in roughly 2.9 million total viewers on average. When it first aired, the show already had 3.5 million viewers, making it the second highest-rated debut for a summer comedy on any major network.

“Welcome to Sweden” was filmed internationally in Sweden but featured American and Swedish actors on the set. Interestingly enough, Amy Poehler, who is Greg Poehler’s sister, served as an executive producer on the series. The series was based on Greg Poehler’s own personal experience of meeting a Swedish woman and then deciding to move to Sweden to be with her.

NBC is expected to play “Hollywood Game Night” in its time slot.