Easy Halloween Costumes:  It's Still Not To Late For A Sweet Costume

Easy Halloween Costumes: It’s Still Not To Late For A Sweet Costume

Last minute Halloween costumes

Many procrastinate putting together their Halloween costume until the final days of October. If one has done so again this year, there are many do it yourself ideas that one can put together to avoid having to go out and spend money on a costume at the last minute. If one lacks creativity, haul around a bucket of ice water, and challenge your friends to the Ice Bucket Challenge. Not only will it keep everyone cool, but it will also permit one to raise money for the ALS Association. For those looking for a costume with bad taste, try dressing up as an Ebola virus. A health care worker with a hazardous material outfit can be made up quite swiftly using trash bags, goggles, face mask, and some rubber boots.

If looking for a more retro look, the Joker from Batman can be accessorized easily. Wear a white shirt with a waist coat over it, white gloves, and a plain pair of black pants. Use a white base to paint over your face. Use red lipstick to cover your lips while smearing it a bit to obtain a deranged look. Darken up your eye sockets with pencil eyeliner, and use baby powder on your hair to obtain a grey messed up look. If this idea is too much to bother with, try a 70’s hippie look. Obtain a wig for the long hair appearance while donning a plaid shirt, preferably with flowers with multiple colors. Next, wear a bright colored pair of pants, and obtain a shirt with an extra-large collar with of course the top three to four buttons undone. One can finish the hippie look by accessorizing with beads, perhaps a peace pendant, and of course large lensed, colored sunglasses. Complete the look by spraying a few squirts of Brut, English Leather or Old Spice for an added effect.