Actress and beloved mother and daughter Carrie Fisher never regained consciousness after a massive heart attack. She suffered from a heart attack while on a flight from London to LAX.

Allegedly her heart stopped and it took a good 9 minutes before her heart regained a pulse. Carrie suffered from the heart attack 15 minutes before landing and according to eyewitnesses looked lifeless.

Reports said she was in a stable condition when admitted to hospital. But she never awoke from her massive heart attack.

Her death will not affect the next Star Wars VIII film, as all her scenes were wrapped back in July.

Carrie is survived by her mother Debbie Reynolds, daughter Bille Lourde and siblings Joely and Tricia Fisher.

Though iconic for her Princess Leia character, Carrie accomplished much more in her lifetime. A talented author, comedian, actress and very smart person. Carrie was known for her humour, openness and at times troubled life. She suffered from drug addiction and eating disorders. 

Carrie loved fun and was quite mischievous; just recently revealing she slept with Harrison Ford during the filming of the original Stars Wars films.