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Health Bits: Cause of Dead Butt Syndrome Is Lack Of Lower Body Muscle

Posted By on Sep 24th, 2012

Dead Butt Syndrome Affects Runners

Dead Butt Syndrome Affects Runners

Dead Butt Syndrome Affects Runners

A medical condition known by the innocuous term “dead butt syndrome” disproportionately affects runners who regularly run half and full marathons, according to The New York Times.

The syndrome is caused by a weakness and imbalance between the gluteus maximus and medius and strikes runners who focus entirely on long-distance running.

Despite the physical endurance the runners build up as a result of their training, the “gluts” don’t get properly conditioned and that weakness in the hip area leads to lower back pain and other problems in the arches, shins, and calves.

“Dead Butt Syndrome” is treatable by some physical therapy and a mixed regimen of muscle conditioning to encourage hip stability and proper muscle balance when running.

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