Derek Jeter Weight Gain Pics Go Viral

Derek Jeter Weight Gain Pics Go Viral

Derek Jeter gains Weight during Rehab

The New York Post has published pictures of the apparent weight gain of star baseball player, Derek Jeter; published with the headline Derek Eater the pictures appear to show the New York Yankees shortstop has gained a large amount of weight as he recovers from an ankle injury.

USA Today has some fun with the New York Posts article with the title “Derek Eater”

Take a look at the picture and then let’s play “guess the New York Post lede.”

1. They’ve been calling Derek Jeter “Captain Comeback” at a South Beach Burger King.

2. Good thing pinstripes are slimming.

3. The ankle we knew about. The gut, not so much.

4. Derek Jeter is about to catch Babe Ruth in another category.

The answer is No. 3.

Pictured in South Beach, Miami where Jeter has been undergoing treatment and completing some rehabilitation work on a broken ankle suffered in game 1 of the American League Championship Series. Jeter broke his ankle fielding a ground ball during the game against the Detroit Tigers and underwent surgery to repair the injury.

Any weight Derek Jeter has gained during his injury could have been gained because of his inability to place any weight on his injured ankle without a protective boot; because of the injury it is unknown whether Jeter has been completing any fitness work during visits to a minor league baseball complex in South Beach.

The Yankees have no concerns about Jeter’s weight general manager Brian Cashman said on Friday.

Cashman said that he had seen the photographs.

“I saw that the picture said he’s heavy,” Cashman said. “I can’t tell you he’s heavy. Even if he was, I’m not worried about Derek Jeter in that capacity in any way, because you’re not going to find anybody more committed to being the best that he can be than Derek Jeter.”

C. Trent Rosecrans of CBS Sports agrees:

If you’re going to criticize the physical appearance of a guy who is limited to nonweight bearing situations, is it just me or do his arms look a little skinny? I mean, better than mine, I’m sure (and I’m absolutely sure his gut is much, much smaller). Next thing they’re going to tell us is that his range has been limited since his surgery.

What do you think? Is the Post being too hard on Jeter?