Baby Born with HIV Virus Cured

Scientists gathered in Atlanta for a major meeting about AIDS have reported that a child born with the virus that causes the disease has been cured and is now a healthy 2 1/2 years old.

The child was given drug treatment within 30 hours of his birth in much stronger doses than normal by doctors at the University of Mississippi.

Scientists say that this quick action in a baby born with the AIDS virus managed to destroy the virus in the patient’s blood before it could develop into a full-blown case.

Although the unnamed child has not received any medications for over a year, he continues to be healthy and thriving, although doctors acknowledge that minute traces of HIV have been detected in his bloodstream.

“You could call this about as close to a cure, if not a cure, that we’ve seen,” Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health, who is familiar with the findings, told The Associated Press.

The news was greeted by the worldwide medical community as very encouraging as a way to treat high-risk babies in countries such as Africa with high child AIDS mortality rates.


Baby Born With HIV Apparently Cured, Say Scientists