It’s not often that The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart has given any sort of cudos to FOX News. Well this week, he did – well sort of.

The political funnyman mock-congratulated the cable news channel on “that time” they were right in not “rushing to judgment” in their Ferguson, Mo., coverage. So “in honor of this singular achievement of you [Fox News] being right,” Stewart enlisted the help of a quintessential “Hollywood liberal,” George Lucas.

“I’m here to assure you that I’m only going to make movies from now on that are blindly uncritical of America,” deadpanned the Star Wars creator. “Like…The Empire Strikes Back Justifiably, American Exceptionalism Graffiti, Star Wars: The Reagan Missile Defense Version and The Clinton Menace.”

Stewart himself facetiously presented Fox News with one of Carvel’s Fudgie the Whale cakes, “because the point is, you were right,” he said, “and that is newsworthy when Fox is right and cause for celebration.”
The sassily presented sweet treat was also because, Stewart said, “We think you’re a whale of a network….in that we’ve been chasing you our whole lives and just can’t kill you.”

It didn’t end there, though! “The great thing is I get it now,” Stewart quipped after playing a highlight reel of Fox News contributors highlighting their own success. “Your network launched in 1996, you’re 18 years old, and just like every other 18-year-old, you have a massive ego and spend 24 hours a day jerking yourself off.”

George Lucas Fox News: George Lucas mocks Fox News on ‘The Daily Show’

George Lucas Fox News: George Lucas mocks Fox News on ‘The Daily Show’

This, of course, is far from the first time Stewart has taken issue with Fox News’ coverage. They’re not so fond of him either, though! When Stewart announced that he would be leaving The Daily Show at the end of this year, some of the Fox News crew had some not-so-nice things to say about his departure.

For Stewart’s monologue, he put together a highlight reel of these clips, which showed newscasters calling him “a little nasty” and “not a force for good.” But when some of the Fox News journalists also accused Stewart of bending their words to get a laugh, that took it too far! So, the Daily Show host challenged Fox News to “a Lie-Off” which ultimately didn’t go so well for the cable news network.