google doodle ness
NEW YORK – Search giant Google has put their expertise in the search for the elusive loch ness monster.

As it revealed in a blog post on Monday, Google committed one of its street view cameras, mounted it on a boat and went out to find the Loch Ness Monster. The company also brought along some divers, equipped with underwater cameras. Nessie’s a shy thing, after all.

In a blog post, Google explained:

Like the world’s best legends, the Loch Ness Monster transcends the everyday and exists at the edges of possibility. It rises above the sightings and the hoaxes; the claims and counter-claims; the tourism, the nationalism—and even the assassination plots. It lives in the telling of stories. Whether or not you believe, most people hold a romanticized vision of the creature that, legend has it, plumbs the depths of the Loch. Affectionately known as “Nessie,” she exists in folklore, dances in childrens’ imaginations, and seeps into our society and teachings, inspiring everything from pop music to pop culture to pulp fiction.

Google writes:

Colonel Robert Wilsons grainy photograph of Nessie made a big splash. The iconic image of a sea serpent rising out of the water paved the way for the myth of the Loch Ness Monster.

Sketching boats in dockyards was the inspiration for this illustration. Once I’d assemble working cogs as the Google logo, all that was left was to show a cut away and reveal of what REALLY took place under the surface.

Formed of a series of interrelated bodies of water, including the River Oich to the south and the Bona Narrows to the north, Loch Ness stretches for 23 miles southwest of Inverness. Although it’s neither the largest Scottish loch by surface area nor depth, it is the largest by volume, containing more freshwater than all the lakes of England and Wales combined. And at almost 800 feet deep, there’s an entire world below the surface, giving rise to the Nessie legend.

Over the years, several people have claimed to have found the monster. Somehow, though, the pictures have always been blurry or distant or simply concocted on someone’s computer in Inverlochtiemochtie, Scotland.