Whales in Columbia River

Whales in Columbia River

Humpback whales seen in Columbia River

Humpback whales were spotted in the Columbia River near Astoria, OPB said on Tuesday.

A biologist told OPB she had never seen humpback whales so far in from the ocean.

“That’s where resources are,” said Mate, director of the Oregon State University’s Marine Mammal Institute at the Hatfield Marine Science Center. “They’re not finding a lot off shore in areas where they’re accustomed to feeding.”

Mate added, “It might be more common to see humpbacks in the river … particularly if the El NiƱo events become more common or closer together.”

Whales in Columbia River 2

A professor at Oregon State University confirmed to OPB that El Nino ocean conditions are driving many sea animals closer to shore as they search for food.

Watch the video of the humpback whales: