Tim Cook Interview On '60 Minutes'

Tim Cook Interview On ’60 Minutes’

Tim Cook’s Revealing Interview On 60 Minutes

On Sunday December 20, 2015 correspondent Charlie Rose interviewed Apple CEO Tim Cook on the long running newsmagazine 60 Minutes. The interview revealed many aspects of Apple that most folks were not aware of.

Apple Inc. was created primarily by Steve Jobs in the 1970s. Jobs handpicked the current CEO Tim Cook to take over when Jobs could no longer run the company. The estimated worth of Apple is approximately $600 billion making it the most valuable business on earth. The company is also known for being very secretive about its operations. For example, Rose and his cameraman were allowed in the design studio of the chief design officer, but most of the desks and tables were covered with blankets so that no one could see what was currently being developed.

Rose queries Cook about new products in development. Rumor has it that Apple may be developing a car, but Cook spills nothing about this. Over a million workers in China are manufacturing Apple products, and the question people are asking is why Apple will not bring these jobs to the US. Rose also drills Cook on overseas tax shelters and encryption with respect to terrorism. The interview winds up with a brief discussion on the fact that Cook is gay, and he just came out last year. That makes him the only Fortune 500 CEO to have announced that he is gay.