Manchester United, 19-time English football league champions, are the most valuable sports franchise in the world according to Forbes’s annual list of the top 50. Valued at $2.23 billion, Manchester United’s value has increased from last year, when it carried a $1.86 billon price tag.

Spanish football club Real Madrid placed number two on the Forbes list, with a value of $1.88 billion.

The Yankees and Dallas Cowboys are tied for third at $1.85 billion.

All 32 American football NFL teams made the top 50.

The highest value for an NBA team belongs to the Los Angeles Lakers at $900 million

No NHL teams made the list but two from Formula One racing were included: Ferrari at $1.1 billion to rank 15th, and McLaren at $800 million.

Forbes Top 10 teams:

1. Manchester United (football) – $2.23 billion

2. Real Madrid (football) – $1.88 billion

3. New York Yankees (MLB) – $1.85 billion

3. Dallas Cowboys (NFL) – $1.85 billion

5. Washington Redskins (NFL) – $1.56 billion

6. Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB) – $1.40 billion

6. New England Patriots (NFL) – $1.40 billion

8. Barcelona (football) – $1.31 billion

9. New York Giants (NFL) – $1.30 billion

10. Arsenal (football) – $1.29 billion

Manchester United Is The World's Most Valuable Team: Worth More Than $2-Billion

Manchester United Is The World’s Most Valuable Team: Worth More Than $2-Billion