Cambria, CA – a kayaker has his kayak to thank for surviving a great white attack. Joey Nocchi was cod fishing off the Cambria coastline with friends and had just about met their cod fish quota when his friends say his body was tossed 4-5 feet into the air from a great white shark which bit into the underside of the kayak.

The man-eater was 12 to 14 feet in length and took a 22 inch bite out of the kayak. His friends say the shark had its jaws wide open and its inner eye-lid rolled back as is done during a kill bite.

Nocchi said the shark then came up over the kayak and passed him by so close that its tail brushed past him. He wasted no time in kayaking back to shore despite the kayak taking in water from the hole left in it from the bite. Nocchi was unharmed.

Kayaker Survives Great White Attack But Kayak Doesn't