Arby’s has always been known as a great restaurant with some of the best tasting and satisfying sandwiches on the market today. However, a 14-year-old boy ended up finding a finger in his food and quickly shocked his family.

Apparently, the employer cut her finger on a meat slicer and was rushed to the hospital. The finger ended up in a sandwich and has caused quite a problem for the company that has over 66,000 employees.

The company did apologize but people are saying that their apology needs to have an actual face and should be someone like a spokesman.

Though this incident has happened before, most notably with Wendy’s, it seems like it is not as “rare” as it might seem. The company will need to work hard to regain their image and this will be a long road for them and will take a while.

Teen Finds Finger In Arby's Sandwich