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UFC Bans Fighter: Jason Miller Shown The Door

Posted By on May 28th, 2012

UFC bans Miller

UFC fans are shocked after an announcement by its’ president, Dana White. He has officially announced that UFC’s fighter Jason Miller has been banned from UFC.

Details are sketchy at the moment, many resources point to drama that occurred backstage. Yet some believe it may have to do with Miller’s recent poor performance against UFC’s fighter Dollaway.

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Jason Miller is not new to this. The former host of MTV’s Bully Beatdown has been banned from television due to illegal post fights. The UFC picked him up shortly after, he was placed on the reality show Ultimate Fighter. Ratings were good for this show and Miller picked up numerous fans. White then slotted him a fight against Dollaway. Miller lost this fight, making his record in the UFC 0-3.

Miller is also known for his crazy stunts, he wore a feather pink boa as he walked into the fight arena. This didn’t bode well with Dana White.

UFC Bans Fighter: Jason Miller Shown The Door

UFC Bans Fighter: Jason Miller Shown The Door

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  • This idiot is nothing more than a fight machine, He has absolutely nothing else to offer the world. It’s a real shame that these young guys just have too much testosterone and have no inclination to do anything positive in their life.

  • clown antics in contact sports are never a good idea unless you have elite speed.

  • Dana, really! Really! you’ve got to be joking. he was the reason why i started watching your show which it’s ratings are at a low at this time. and for you to get rid of a fan favorite, your cutting your own throat. bad move dude. Jason i hope you can find a place where you belong. dana and his side kick. you added something to the program that well so what if your 0-3 that doesn’t mean a thing at such an early carrer. get ur done!

    • Miller is not a fighter. He is a clown and has no right to be in the cage with elite fighters. I can’t belive he is a fan favorite at all. If Sonnen keeps up his WWF antics he will be following Miller right out of the UFC. The only difference is that Sonnen had a chance at beating the best fighter in the UFC. Miller will never have a showing like that.

  • I don’t understand why Mayhem’s playful manner is such a big deal. If he want’s to be an entertainer and a fighter at the same time the let him. Sure it’s still unknown but if it was because of his stunts, they’re nothing, they aren’t hurting anyone and also it’s good for a laugh or two. And most forget how well he fought in the Pride fights.

  • He wasn’t “banned” he was fired. There is a difference between the two. Mayhem can go buy a ticket to the ufc event next month, but he is no longer getting paid by them.

  • Personally, I liked Miller since his Bully Beatdown show. Even though he was 0-3 in the UFC doesn’t mean he didn’t give it his all and he never gave up. He is fun to watch and quite a character. He gives a little excitement of what crazy thing he is up to next and makes it interesting to watch him. Cause in the end that’s what sports and televison is all about, entertainment. That is why he has a lot of fans and get good ratings. He can easily go to any other organization and do well. Wish him the best and thanks for all the laughs!

    JASON Was a great fighter and still could be anytime he dicided to really prepare. sometimes everybody forgets that he’s been at the game since way before PRIDE DAYS. It’s not the fight that beats you up really …. It’s the (TRAINING) preparation for the fight… years and years off beating your body down with pounding after pounding … Fights come and go… Years of pounding the mind and body are residual!! Ask any fighter … So before everyone slams Jason or any consummate pro … ( winning or losing ) go check out their videos of the past … Before UFC, Strikeforce, Pride, K-1.. You might see how great they really are !

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