Texas School District Wants to Track Students
A school district in Texas is planning on using RFID, Radio Frequency Identification System, to track some of its students at two schools in the fall.

Northside School District in San Antonio hopes to use the tags beginning in the fall. The district thinks that the tags will help increase revenue for the district as well as moniter the students whereabouts.

The RFID tags are placed inside the student id card, which the students carry at all times. While some parents support the idea, others say that the tags are invasion of the students privacy.

The district says that students would only be monitored while they are on school property and only authorized administrators would have access to that information.

The tags could increase the school districts budget which is based on attendance. A sum of 1.1 million could be received due to higher attendance rates and medicaid reimbursement for transporting special needs students, if the trail proves successful.