Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter has enacted a ban on feeding homeless people in parks and other outside areas in the city. The new ordinance has sparked much controversy among church leaders and other charity groups. Nutter claims that his choice was made in the best interests of the city’s citizens and its homeless population.

The ordinance states that Philadelphia’s homeless must be fed indoors. Hefty fines are handed out to citizens or groups who refuse to take heed. Homeless activists claim that this is just one of many attempts by city and state legislators to hide the homeless from tourists. Mayor Nutter denies the allegation. His stance on the ban is that it allows more homeless people to be properly fed and receive emergency medical treatment.

The number of people opposed to the ordinance is steadily increasing by the day. It is currently unclear whether or not the ban will remain intact for the years to come.

Philadelphia Mayor Bans Feeding The Homeless