Aprils Spielman had a surprise in store upon her visit to Walt Disney in Orlando, Florida. The 15 year-old was celebrating a visit to the park with her boyfriend by dressing up as Tinkerbell.

April Spielman’s Tinker Bell costume and makeup required several hours to portray the character. In addition to spraying body glitter and painting her nails, April Spielman took two hours for makeup and an additional hour for her hair.

Her efforts received surprising results at the entrance to the park. Disney World officials believed Miss. Spielman’s’s Tinker Belle costume appeared too similar to the real Disney World character. The park requested a change of clothes in order to ensure that Spielman’s was not confused as a real Disney World character. For her inconvenience, park officials offered April free clothing and FreePass tickets for her family. The FreePass tickets help park visitors decrease the waiting time for rides.

Disney World does have a dress code posted on their website. The dress code does mention that visitors may be denied entry to the park due to distract clothing or adult costumes.

15 Year Old's Tinker Bell Costume Too Extreme For Disney World