Joseph Biden, current vice president of the United States of America, has criticized Paul Ryan, who was recently chosen by Mitt Romney as his vice president, in the upcoming presidential election, for his speech during the acceptance of the nomination.

Biden said that Ryan was dishonest when it criticized Obama for a GM plant closure in Janesville, Wis. This plant closed under Bush’s term, Biden said. In addition, Obama’s auto bailout package is often considered to be one of the decisive factors that overcame the headwinds in this industry, and allowed for a recovery of the auto industry. Mitt Romney was against this auto bailout package.

Barbs were also fired between both sides, with republicans identifying the slow recovery as a reason for their failure. Democrats note that they inherited the problems from the republicans and that they have been stonewalled along the way by the republican party. This doesn’t seem likely to backdown until after the election, if ever.