Five Dead In Ohio Garage: Police Suspect Murder Suicide

Five Dead In Ohio Garage: Police Suspect Murder Suicide

Carbon Monoxide Overcomes Five in Ohio Garage

Police were greeted with a deadly sight when they broke through a barricaded garage in Toledo, Ohio.

According to the Atlantic Journal, inside were the dead bodies of three children, their uncle and their grandmother, along with a cat and two dogs, all of whom fatally succumbed to carbon monoxide fumes.

Since a hose connected to a truck whose motor was running was directioned into a family car, police surmise that the scene was the result of a murder-suicide plan due to recent family troubles.

Police were called to the scene by the homeowner, Randy Ford, husband of 54 year old Sandy Ford who was among the five dead. He became alarmed after reading notes left by his wife and son Andy, who was uncle to the three children found dead, Paige, Logan and Madalyn Hayes.

The AJ reports:

Sgt. Joe Heffernan said Sandy Ford had primarily taken care of the children at her residence for the last four years, but their parents — the Fords’ daughter, Mandy Hayes, and the children’s father, Chris Hayes, were trying to regain full custody of them. He said Sandy Ford was upset about that, and he believes that was the motive for the murder-suicide.

Neighbors didn’t suspect anything.

Doug Hall, a neighbor who lives across the street, said he saw the Fords’ son and the children raking leaves last week. He said the only unusual thing he’s noticed was a police car at the house last Thursday. He said he didn’t know why it was there.

Although Sandy Ford had been primary caretaker of the children for the past several years, the Ford’s daughter Mandy and her husband Chris were trying to gain custody.