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Ryan Booed at Inaugural Address

Posted By on Jan 23rd, 2013
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Ryan Booed at Inaugural Address

Republican Congressman Paul Ryan was greeted with a less than amicable crowd Tuesday as he made his way toward President Barack Obama’s inaugural celebration. Congressman Ryan intended on congratulating President Obama on his victory during the celebration but was met with rising boos from the partisan audience.

It was discovered shortly afterward that the jeering and heckling was initiated by the Department Of Justice lawyer Dan Freeman. Freeman openly admits that he started the booing that soon reverberated throughout the crowd.

President Obama himself acknowledged the necessity to refrain from such behavior prior to the event. With many so spirited and moralized over his victory it seemed it could not be helped.

Congressmen Ryan took the boos in stride and stayed the day’s activities while maintaining a professional demeanor. He congratulated the President on his victory on Twitter and Facebook ensuring that his message and congratulations be heard and felt.

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