State trooper, wife killed In Murder Suicide

State trooper, wife killed In Murder Suicide

Former State Trooper Kills Wife at Supermarket Then Himself

Philipsburg, PA – Former Pennsylvania state trooper Mark A. Miscavish killed his wife and himself Thursday while she was working at the local supermarket.

Miscavish had been separated from his wife following his arrest for beating her. Mrs. Miscavish had decided to separate from her husband, but returned home to collect some of her belongings when the first attack occurred.

The police were called, and Mr. Miscavish was arrested back on January 23rd. In her account of the beating incident, Mrs. Miscavish said she tried to take away from her husband prescription drugs which she believes he was abusing when he beat her. He subsequently bound her with duct tape and threatened her at gun point.

As he was dragging her to the back of the house, a passerby spotted the incident and came to her aid. Following his arrest, Miscavish spent seven days in county lockup before being released.

“She said, ‘The next time I see him is going to be at the end of a gun,'” District attourny Parks Miller told The Associated Press. “We were very concerned when he got out and we’re just devastated now.”

Both his wife and the country assistant district attorney were fearful for her life. Mrs. Miscavish believed her husband was going to harm her again. Mrs. Miscavish had only recently decided to file for divorce when her husband showed up to her place of employment with a shotgun and took her life; he subsequently took his own life as well.

Her sister Gina March, speaking to reporters outside the supermarket after the shooting, said the system had failed both her sister and her brother-in-law.

“He wasn’t in his right mind,” March said. “I don’t believe he’s at fault, I believe he needed help. … And nobody was there to help him, not the judge, not the cops, not our system.”


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