Blurred Lines YouTube Robin Thickes

Blurred Lines YouTube Robin Thickes

Video Site Bans Music Video with Nudity

The popular site YouTube banned rhythm and blues singer Robin Thicke’s new and unrated music video on Monday because it contains nudity. The 36-year-old tweeted, “YouTube took down the unrated version of Blurred Lines because it was too hot!” YouTube has refused to officially comment on the matter.

The song in the video, titled “Blurred Lines”, features Thicke and rap artists Pharrell and T.I., along with numerous models strutting around topless. The video debuted last week and received millions of views in just a few days while stirring the media pot on many entertainment-based websites and blogs. A cleaner version of the video, also released one week ago, has over one million views.

Thicke has stated that he asked his actress wife, Paula Patton, for permission to shoot the video with the topless models.

A rep for YouTube didn’t immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

Another site that specializes in music videos, Vevo, has elected to let Thicke’s racy upload remain.

Thicke said in an interview last week that he had sought the approval of his wife, actress Paula Patton, to shoot with nude models.

Watch the original “Blurred Lines” video below:


‘Blurred Lines’ Banned By YouTube As Robin Thicke’s Video Features Nude Models

Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines:” ‘Too Hot’ For YouTube

The unrated take on Thicke’s new video, featuring nude models, is still playing on Vevo.