5 killed in Crash on US Highway  I-95

5 killed in Crash on US Highway I-95

5 killed in Crash

An early Saturday morning accident claimed the lives of 5 young adults.

A 2008 Mercedes driven by 21-year-old Jabari S. Kemp had been reported at traveling at a high rate of speed failed to stop for the exit ramp traffic signal in the north bound lane, interstate 95 at Blue Heron Boulevard Riviera Beach, about five miles north of West Palm Beach, shortly after midnight.

The Mercedes T-Boned the Lexus that contained the 5 young non surviving passengers.

According to Fox News, the Lexus rolled over two times before it hit a near by tree. Some of the passengers were ejected from the Lexus.

Four of the young adult passengers were pronounced dead at the accident scene while the 5th passenger was later pronounced dead at the hospital. Four of the passengers that were pronounced dead are have been identified as Jason A. Mahlung 21, Shonteria Grimsley 17, Makita Campbell 14 and Christina Oliver Joseph 17, all of Rivera Beach. The 5th passenger has not yet been identified.

Jabari Kemp 21 , driver of the 2008 Mercedes was taken to St. Mary’s Medical Center where he refused to cooperate with authorities. It is also reported that he is not suffering from any life threatening injuries.

“The Mercedes failed to stop for the traffic signal and T-boned the Lexus,” FHP Lt. Tim Frith told the Florida Sun-Sentinel.com.

“It’s every parent’s worst fear,” Frith said. “The families right now are the main concern.”

A complete traffic investigation will be performed, also a blood alcohol and drug test will be performed.

No charges have been filed. Frith said Kemp’s blood also will be checked for any indication of drugs or alcohol.

“We’re not ruling out anything at this point,” Frith said.

Another vehicle, a 2009 Toyota Camry driven by Joevin Casimer Also of Riveriea Beach was hit by debris from the accident.

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