Pit Bull Saves Woman From Fire: Why Dogs Are Aweseome

Pit Bull Saves Woman:  Two Pit Bulls Become Heros
Pit Bull Saves Woman: Two Pit Bulls Become Heros

According to authorities a pit bull saved a woman after her Long Island home caught fire on Friday.

the long island Press reported that the dog barked to alert the woman as flames started spreading throughout the house.

Jackie Bonasera said she was drying her hair when she heard the dog barking. She said she ran downstairs and saw the flames on the side of her garage.

“I ran out of the house and my neighbors came running over, and then I thought about the dog — I’m like, ‘He saved my life, I have to save his,’” Bonasera said, according to NBC New York.
Bonasera said she would have been trapped upstairs if her dog Cain had not alerted her to the fire.

About 70 firefighters reportedly put out the blaze. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Pit Bull Saves Owner’s Wife After Brain Aneurysm


John Benton knew that something was amiss in his household last summer when his pet dog, a pit bull named Titan, began trying to capture his attention as he ready to leave for work by running around in circles, barking loudly and blocking his only exit point from the house, CBS Atlanta reported.

“He’d run up a few flights of steps and run back down just to keep me from going, to let me know something was wrong. And that’s when I followed him up the stairs to see what he was trying to tell me,” Benton told the station.

When Titan began running up and down the stairs, Benton decided to investigate if something had happened on the second floor of the home. He was alarmed to discover that Gloria Benton, his wife, had experienced a brain aneurysm and had fallen down, causing a skull fracture.

Medical doctors say that it is doubtful that Mrs. Benton would have survived her injuries had she been laying in the home all day rather than being discovered early due to the dog’s alert.

Now Titan is receiving a distinct honor for his heroic actions in helping to save the woman. He is the first dog to be awarded the “Neighbor of the Year” award from the neighborhood association in the Atlanta area where the Bentons reside.

Although pit bulls have gotten the reputation for being aggressive and unruly animals, the tale of Titan Benton shows that with the proper training and love, they can be the best of pets.


Pit Bull Saves Woman With Brain Aneurysm, Given ‘Neighbor Of The Year’ Award (VIDEO)

East Norwich Fire Under Investigation


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  1. Breed-specific legislation is, if I may say, a load of bull cookies. The quote in the article is quite correct, that it is the OWNER, not the BREED, that is the main determining factor of aggression. It is SO true with little dogs that are treated as Mummy’s living stuffed animal. It’s just sad. They’re often badly-bred, ill-tempered, and not treated like DOGS.

    I’ve seen “pit bulls” that are really just giant, drooling marshmallows. For every one of those, I’ve seen a whole handful of “toy” breed dogs that are frankly dangerous, but their behavior is tolerated because they’re small and, for some godforsaken reason, considered cute.

    And not every breed that is reputed to be good-natured will adhere to that reputation. My dad’s Flat-Coated Retriever is sweet as sugar with people, but very aggressive towards other dogs, with the exception of our Beagle, Sadie. I’ve met a few retrievers with aggression problems due to bad breeding and lack of decisive communication from their people.

  2. Pit Bulls DO get bad rap, instead of owning a Pit Bull a felony make it a possible felony to own a dangerous Pit Bull, if your dog is bad tempered or aggressive you should be held responsible AND if you have an aggressive animal you had better have control AND insurance against damage the animal can cause. But some reason needs to be exercised, I love Chow Chows but unlike a Pit they will lock their jaws and can unlock them even in heat of rage, unlike pit bulls which until unconscious will keep them locked, been there seen it. Saw a 75 lb Pit take a full contact Louisville Slugger to the head twice, bad thing was she was protecting her master from a bully not hurting innocent person. Then saw her partner pet a 35 lb Beagle take the arm of bat holder and break it. Guy got 10 yrs for human assault and 5 for animal cruelty! Most Pits are big stupid babies.


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