Turkey Baster Rescue: Neighbor Saves Baby's Life With Turkey Baster

Turkey Baster Rescue: Neighbor Saves Baby’s Life With Turkey Baster

Fast Thinking Turkey Baster Rescue Saves Baby

Ludington, MI – May little five-month-old Nessa Shoup live long and prosper – thanks to the aid of her neighbor.

This past Sunday, the sleepy town of 8,000 residents was given some news to be thankful for in the form of a local hero. Bill Hogenson was doing some yard work in front of his home when he heard his neighbor in a distress call with 911 over her baby choking and unable to breath.

Hogenson, a former marine deputy for the county, entered the home to provide emergency assistance but could not restore breathing to the imperiled child. It was then that his calm collective thinking turned genius. He got a hold turkey baster out of the kitchen drawer and used it to suction out the mucus that was clogging up the infants nasal passages. He followed that up with some firm taps on her back to extirpate some more mucus.

At that time, he could her baby Nessa breath and when he spun her about to look at her countenance, she was smiling at him. Hogenson, whose experience lies within the animal kingdom, certainly surprised residents with his quick wit, but none so much as the thankful mother whose infant is alive and well.