Texas To Execute Woman: killer Kimberly McCarthy To Be Executed Today


This undated file photo shows Kimberly McCarthy, who is on death row in Texas for the 1997 killing of a neighbor during a robbery. (Texas Department of Criminal Justice/AP Photo)
This undated file photo shows Kimberly McCarthy, who is on death row in Texas for the 1997 killing of a neighbor during a robbery. (Texas Department of Criminal Justice/AP Photo)
Texas Woman to Be 500th Execution in the State

Convicted killer Kimberly McCarthy is set to be put to death today after exhausting all of her appeals and receiving denials from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, reports ABC News.

The 52-year-old woman received the death penalty for murdering 71-year old Dorothy Booth in her home during a robbery attempt.

McCarthy will be the fourth woman to be executed in Texas and the first in the United States since 2010.

Speaking to ABC News, McCarthy’s attorney, Maurie Levin, said she has exhausted all efforts to block the execution, after denials by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

“If there was something to appeal, I would,” said Levin.


According to prosecutors, On July 21, 1997, Kimberly McCarthy called retired college professor, Dorothy Booth, to borrow a cup of sugar.

However, it is alleged that McCarthy planned to rob Booth from the beginning.

Upon arriving at Booth’s home, McCarthy stabbed Booth five times with a butcher knife, beat her with a candelabrum, cut her finger off to steal her wedding ring, stole her purse and her car. McCarthy later pawned Booth’s wedding ring to purchase crack-cocaine.

McCarthy was charged the day after the murder, and was later sentenced to death by lethal injection on November 24,1998.

Randy Browning, the victim’s godson, said: “The only significance for us is that Kimberly McCarthy, because of her crack cocaine addiction or her sociopathic personality, deprived us of Dorothy Booth … Whether it’s the 500th or the 5,000th, it doesn’t matter.”

Levin, on the other hand, argues that McCarthy’s case is riddled with racial bias and the Texas legal system should be assahmed of itself.

Levin said: The shameful errors that plague Ms. McCarthy’s case — race bias, ineffective counsel and courts unwilling to exercise meaningful oversight of the system — reflect problems that are central to the administration of the death penalty as a whole. For this to be the emblem of Texas’ 500th execution is something all Texans should be ashamed of.”

McCarthy’s initial execution date was set for January 29, 2013; however, hours before her execution, she was granted a stay of execution. Her execution date was then moved to April 3, 2013 and then again to June 26, 2013 at 6 p.m.

When she is executed, McCarthy will be the 500th person and the 4th woman executed in the state since the death penalty resumed in 1976.


Texas Woman Set to Be 500th Execution in State

Kimberly McCarthy Set To Become 500th Person Executed In Texas Since 1982

Texas To Execute 4th Woman, 500th Prisoner, Kimberly McCarthy


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