new army camouflage

new army camouflage

US Army Unveils New Camouflage Pattern for 2015

Starting in summer 2015, the US Army will begin to sell (and presumably issue) a new camouflage pattern which they have code named Scorpion W2. The Army believes the transition to the new pattern is what they have termed “fiscally responsible”. In plain English, it probably means the darker grey-green camo they designed several years ago is a loser and relatively few people have bothered to buy it. The updated pattern contains dark brown, muted green hues, and even some beige. It is intended for general purpose environments beyond Afghanistan. It will also be acceptable to wear the colors in garrison.

“The Army has confirmed through testing that the pattern would offer exceptional concealment, which directly enhances force protection and survivability for Soldiers,” according to the statement from the Army.
Combat uniforms featuring the service's newest camo pattern will be available for sale starting in the summer of 2015, the Army announced Thursday.

The military formally calls the new camouflage “Operational Camouflage Pattern” and they will also have two variants which include the desert colors and dark jungle-woodland variant for heavily wooded combat theaters. In a series of tests, the Army found that the new patterns provide troops with superior concealment which is essential on the field of battle and may help save lives. The Army will be looking to pinch pennies on wearable items by dying them to coyote brown from their current Universal Camouflage Pattern. The same process holds true for how they will convert the color of existing Improved Outer Tactical Vests and Modular Lightweight Load carrying Equipment.

However, conducting an over-dye of the vests and load carrying equipment won’t be easy. For this reason, the Army soldier equipment manager has requested industry partners put in bids to over-dye rayon, cotton, and nylon fabrics. The request was issued this past June 20. Specifically, the Army is looking to the private sector to develop portable technology that can be used to over-dye the equipment without having to ship it back to the original equipment manufacturer. It is not clear if the Army has selected any partners as of yet for the over-dying process. Nor is the exact date set for the release of the new camouflage.

new army camouflage: Army unveils new camouflage pattern

new army camouflage: Army announces new camouflage uniform pattern