By this summer, liquor store shelves may be hit by Palcohol or powdered alcohol that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This novelty might be controversial and was once termed the “Kool-Aid of binge drinking” but would now be seen all over U.S.

Palcohol got the green light from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau on Tuesday. A year ago, the TTB had backtracked its authorization of Palcohol, saying that it was done erroneously. Palcohol creators have been trying to get approval in Canada, but so far, there is no news on that information.

Some U.S. states are questioning the potential risks of Palcohol and have decided to ban it. These states include New York, Florida and California.

Tom Hogue, a TTB spokesman, mentioned that the previous issues with Palcohol had been successfully resolved and the Arizona-based small company was given the go-ahead by the bureau. He also mentioned that currently, four Palcohol beverages were ready to be rolled out: rum, vodka, margarita (or powderita) and cosmopolitan. Another lemon drop drink is on its way to approval.

Palcohol would be sold in foil pouches by Lipsmark and the quantity will double when it hits the glass. Five ounces of water need to be put in the zip pouch and shaken vigorously to prepare the drink.