Rising ticket prices and airline fees coupled with a rise in hotel prices compared to the 2014 Thanksgiving holiday will make it difficult for travelers to find vacation deals this Thanksgiving.

Many travel industry companies and groups are reporting the best deals for travelling or escpaing the Thanksgiving holiday have already passed and are recommending vacationers book quickly to avoid even higher prices.

A rise in the number of travellers using air travel of around 150,000 compared to last year will force up prices as airlines do not need to fight to fill their planes. Over the busiest periods of Thanksgiving commercial airlines expect their planes to be 90 percent full with ticket prices rising as the holiday draws closer.

Thanksgiving Flights Means Lower Fees And More Headaches

Thanksgiving Flights Means Lower Fees And More Headaches

If travellers have yet to book their vacation it is recommended tickets and hotels be booked as quickly as possible to get the cheapest prices. Other tactics to get the best price include the use of different airports other than those closest to your destination; travelling on less busy days can also lower prices. Air ticket prices should be cheaper on Thanksgiving Day when just over one million people are expected to travel compared to over two million each day in the buildup to the holiday.

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