Brittanee Drexel:  Missing Teen Was Raped, Shot And Dumped In Gator Pit

Brittanee Drexel: Missing Teen Was Raped, Shot And Dumped In Gator Pit

Brittanee Drexel missing case, new details revealed

According to a report from the FBI, a teenage girl who disappeared from Myrtle Beach seven years ago was abducted, gang-raped, shot to death and thrown into an alligator-infested swamp.

The Post and Courier reports Agent Gerrick Munoz this week gave the first detailed account of what investigators think happened to 17-year-old Brittanee Drexel of Rochester, New York, after she disappeared in 2009.

But a McClellanville woman whose husband and son have been implicated by the inmate says the story is just a bunch of “craziness” adopted by federal authorities desperate to solve the case.

For years, authorities received tips that led their investigation from Myrtle Beach to McClellanville searching for Drexel’s remains and any information about her disappearance.

A break in the case came earlier this year when prison inmate Taquan Brown gave a “jailhouse confession” and told authorities he was a witness to Drexel’s brutal murder.

Brown said he went to a “stash house” in the McClellanville area just days after Drexel was abducted. He said he saw Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor sexually abusing the girl.

Brown said he saw a few other men in the room with Drexel and Taylor. He proceeded to walk through the house to give Taylor’s father some money.

As Brown and Taylor’s father talked outside, Drexel ran from the house. Brown said she was then “pistol-whipped” and brought back inside.

Brown then heard two shots from inside the house and assumed Taylor had shot the girl. Her body was then allegedly wrapped up and taken from the house.

Brittanee Drexel Missing Teens Body Never Found

Munoz said her body has not yet been found but “several witnesses have told us that Miss Drexel’s body was placed in a pit, or gator pit, to have her body disposed of. Eaten by the gators.”

He said investigators have searched several alligator ponds in the area but have not yet found Drexel’s remains. The stash house has also been searched, he said.

Taylor’s mother said the FBI agent’s account is “craziness” and that the federal government is unjustly trying to “pin something else on him,” along with her husband, based on a false jailhouse confession.

She said the crimes her son and husband have been connected to are “not in our nature.”