A three year old Chinese boy had his guardian angels working overtime, as he rode his scooter against oncoming traffic. The incident took place in eastern China at a busy intersection. The young lad somehow managed to escape the care of his grandfather to zip into the intersection, oblivious to the apparent danger.

The entire incident was caught on cctv showing the toddler riding in traffic causing vehicles to swerve to avoid hitting him. No one stopped to assist the child out of danger. Miraculously, the child was not injured and eventually rescued by a police officer.

This incident comes on the heels of another incident in China, where a toddler broke free from his car-seat and fell out of a car. The child’s father jumped from the moving vehicle to save his child. Luckily, an oncoming motorist stopped in time to prevent running over the toddler. The toddler escaped with only a few scratches.

Chinese Toddler Drives Toy Scooter Through Rush Hour Traffic