North Korean Cannibalism Horrors

North Korean Cannibalism Horrors

Amid the current heavy sanctions being imposed on North Korea for their refusal to stop testing missiles, a part of the North Korean public is resorting to desperate measures. Informants have reported that the impoverished public may be starting to turn towards cannibalism. Reports are that over 10,000 citizens of North and South Hwanghae have died in the widespread famine.


The Asia press reported these stories that were firsthand accounts from supposed citizen journalists that have relayed grim tales of cannibalism including a man was said to have unearthed the dead body of a grandchild in order to feed off of it. Another man was reported to have been executed by the military for killed his children and boiling them before attempting to eat them.

Reports of cannibalism among the North Korean citizens are not a new phenomenon. There had been stories of such incidents dating back to the early 2000s’.

Despite the widespread hunger, the North Korean leadership has failed to stop their weapon development.

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  1. Meanwhile Israel has 500 nukes safely tucked away to us to intimidate their neighbors. Who knows how bad things are. I woudn’t believe the government. ONe thing for sure they went after Iraq based on lies and NOrth Korea would be a formidable force and they are right next to China and it could get hairy fast.


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