Murder and Rape of Three Sisters Shock the Nation

The report of three young sisters between the ages of 7 and 11 years old has shocked the people of India as well as the nation. This heartless and senseless crime took place on Valentines Day. A day where love should have been shown around the world and especially to young children.

The victim’s mother according to ABC7 News in Chicago stated that the police in their village did not take the crime seriously at first. The police however, did not take action until the children were missing for two days and the residents of their village began protesting to force the authorities to take this crime serious. The girls bodies were not found until two days later in a well in the Bhandara district of Maharashtra as reported by A.R. Tiwari, a local police inspector. Fox News 2 also reported that Inspector Tiwari’s report of the preliminary medical reports stated that the young sisters were drowned and had been sexually assaulted.

According to Fox News 2 a couple of months ago there was a similar crime committed against a young women in New Delhi, India. In this case, the woman was gang raped by 5 suspects including a juvenile, brutally beaten and murdered. This type of violence is not welcomed in India nor anywhere else for that matter. The people of India would like justice to be served for the individuals who are responsible for crimes of this nature. The mother of the victims is requesting that the suspects of this horrific crime be hanged publicly.