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California Cops Eat pot laced Snacks During Raid Of Unpermitted marijuana shop

cops eat pot Hidding cameras caught officers eating marijuana-laced “edibles,” playing darts and displaying other questionable behavior, during a raid on a unpermitted pot shop in Santa Ana last month. According to an attorney who plans to sue the city in connection with the raid, the incident occurred at Sky High Holistic, a medical marijuana dispensary operating without a business permit, officials with the Santa Ana Police Department confirmed. The raid, at 419 W. 17th St., was one of several such recent operations, police said. Video of the raid was taken by the regular surveillance cameras the shop had...

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Jamaica Legalizes Marijuana

Legalizing marijuana has become a trend lately. So far, Alaska, Colorado and Washington have legalized the once-illegal substance. Jamaica, inspired by the others, has now followed in pursuit. The drug is legal in Jamaica, under strict instructions. They said that this in no way, shape or form will infect how they feel about the stance that they have on drug trafficking. Jamaica has been one of the largest suppliers of pot to the United States, even though the drug was not made legally. Jamaica warns that even though growing the drug is now legal, there are many rules and...

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Colorado Marijuana Prices Soar Following Legalization

Law of Supply and Demand Drives Price Spike in Colorado Marijuana President Obama’s policy to not enforce US drug laws as they pertained to marijuana has helped give rise to the world’s first legal marijuana industry in Colorado. Perhaps it too is ironic that prices for marijuana, like health care premiums under the Affordable Care Act, have actually spiked. However, the 30 venues dispensing legal marijuana are reporting that prices at their locations are selling well above the street prices they obtained when the substance was illegal. A 1/8th ounce of marijuana is now selling for as little as $35 to as much as $70. Its street value was $25 for the same quantity before becoming legal. In all fairness, the Law of Supply and Demand is at play here as well. The demand for the substance has risen sharply as people flood the stores to freely purchase a drug that once required driving to stealthy areas or performing sleights of hand to exchange money for the drug. The price point seems to be stabilizing for now at around $65 which is more than 2.5x what it was before being legalized. The various vendors of the drug say they will now be reevaluating their supplies and price-points following the unexpected rise in prices. Source: colorado marijuana prices colorado marijuana prices: Colorado’s Pot Shops Say They’ll Be Sold Out...

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Vermont – Marijuana Decriminalization Moves Forward

Vermont Passes Major Decriminalization of Pot Laws Marijuana has largely been decriminalized with the latest bill the Vermont state legislature passed. The new reform measure signed into law this past week by the governor removes any criminal penalty associated with possession of up to one ounce of the drug. This means that anyone found in possession of one ounce of marijuana or less will incur a minimum fine of $200 which will increase for repeat citations. However, a person will not incur a criminal record for possession of marijuana. “This change just makes common sense,” Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin said in a statement after signing the legislation on Thursday. “Our limited resources should be focused on reducing abuse and addiction of opiates like heroin and meth rather than cracking down on people for having very small amounts of marijuana.” This new law comes as the result of neighboring New England states and others across the country which have decriminalized marijuana. Also, the decision by the Obama administration to not enforce federal drug laws on marijuana use has allowed the individual states to pursue their own agendas regarding Cannabis. In signing the new law into effect, Vermont Democrat Governor Peter Shumlin explained that the state’s limited law enforcement resources would now be able to focus on the types of drugs that are adversely affecting families and communities in the state...

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Marijuana Tourism Not A Plan For Pot Smoking States Say Officials

States Not Planning to Advertise Marijuana Washington and Colorado both recently legalized marijuana for recreational use although by federal law it is still considered a controlled substance. Neither state plans to advertise pot as a way to gain tourist, in fact some officials have voiced concern that they will actual lose convention revenue with the legalization of marijuana in the states. Richard Scharf, CEO of tourism organization Visit Denver, told USA Today that the influx of pot-seeking tourists could tarnish the city’s and state’s images. In 2005, Denver became the first major city in the USA to legalize adult marijuana possession of less than 1 ounce. “Tourism is the second-largest industry in both Denver and Colorado. If Colorado receives international media attention as the first state in the U.S. to legalize marijuana in their constitution, Colorado’s brand will be damaged and we may attract fewer conventions and see a decline in leisure travel,” Scharf said before the election. A single person may have as many as six cannabis plants in the state of Colorado while Washington put a ban on people growing their own. Neither Washington state nor Colorado allow for the drug to be used in public and driving ban was placed in Washington to address the issue of driving while impaired. The states have legalized marijuana but those using it could still be subject to federal charges...

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