Author: Chris Tyler

Center Parcs £249 Holiday TV Ad Banned (PHOTO)

Centre Parcs was forced to stop advertising a family package deal when it was discovered the deal was only offered during mid-week, and only when school was in session. Viewers of the advertisement complained to the Advertising Standards Authority. The ASA discovered that the 4-Day holiday package was only available when families could not take advantage of the offer. Related: Banned Ryanair Ad Sexist? The same deal, offered on weekends or during holiday school breaks, cost double or more of the advertised price. An ASA spokesman told the Scotsman: “While we understood that the only four-night breaks available at Center Parcs were midweek, we considered that some viewers would not be aware of that. “We considered viewers would understand from the ad that the offer would only be available at the ‘from’ price at certain times throughout the year. “Although we accepted that ‘school holidays’ could not be clearly defined, we noted that the travel dates available when the ad was first broadcast were all in January, February and one date in early March. “Because the ad focused exclusively on the benefits of the resort for families with young children, we considered that the omission of information about the available travel periods, which would have alerted viewers to the fact that the offer was unlikely to be available during school holidays, was likely to mislead.” Centre Parcs responded by...

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Baby Boy And 58 Dogs Rescued From Home (PHOTO)

Baby Boy Rescued from Filthy Home with 58 Dogs Police rescued a one year old baby boy along with 58 dogs living in filth in a Springtown, Texas home. 48-year old Teresa Weldon, who contends she runs an animal rescue shelter from the residence, was arrested along with four additional family members, charged with child endangerment and animal cruelty. The one year toddler, found in a crib, is Weldon’s grandson. Most of the dogs were without food and water and stacked in cramped crates, with almost half of them living outside without adequate care or shelter. Weldon’s husband Harry, her son Joe and two additional children were those arrested. Two of the dogs were in such poor health that they had to be euthanized and five puppies inadequately cared for died shortly after officers raided the feces-infested property. Neighbors contend that Weldon had as many as 200 dogs on the property at one time or another over the past 24...

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Jennifer Aniston Smartwater Ads Bring The Sexy (PHOTO)

Sexy Smartwater Ads Flaunt Jennifer Aniston’s Flawless Beauty Actress Jennifer Aniston reveals a lot less skin in this year’s flight of print magazine ads for Smartwater, but her flawless beauty shines through. This is the second consecutive year that Smartwater maker Glaceau has chosen the 43-year old actress for its Smartwater print ad campaign. Aniston’s fans got a sneak peak of the advertising campaign set to premiere in magazines in June thanks to the current issue of US Weekly. In one ad, Aniston’s blouse is sedutively unbuttoned as she sits in a convertible dressed in skinny jeans, clutching her bottle of Smartwater. Another ad, also in black and white, shows an outdoor patio scene, with Aniston bare legged. Both ads make the most of Aniston’s California blonde highlighted hair, her perfectly toned legs and piercing eyes. “We tried New York,” Aniston told Australia’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show March 2. “[But] it felt like I was [living] in a fishbowl. It was a little rough with the paparazzi. It didn’t feel like the New York...

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Imogen Thomas Twitters Seductive Bra Pose with Cupcake

Welsh beauty Imogen Thomas seems to be challenging admirers to take a bite as she seductively poses in her bra and jogging pants, holding a well-iced cupcake aloft in a photo she recently twittered. The well-endowed Thomas’s breasts were slightly spilling out of her sexy black lace bra in the photo, which also exposed her very well toned tummy and belly button. The popular magazine model has complained in the past about doubling her weight as well as concerns about issues over her body image. Related: Imogen Thomas Tells All About Twitter Abuse In Zoo Magazine But the recently twittered cupcake bra photo shows that Thomas is currently in perfect form. She admits that it has not been “easy to cut back on the sweet things I crave” like the luscious cupcake she is holding for the camera. Fans were left to wonder, did she or didn’t she, bite into the creamy confection after the photo was...

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Scientists Discover Ancient Loch Ness Monsters Suffered Arthritis

Even ancient prehistoric creatures suffered the ravages of old age, as scientists studying the remains of an ancient Loch Ness Monster-style creature known as a pliosaur showed evidence of arthritis in its jaw bones. The mouth of this ancient Loch Ness Monster was so large that a human being could fit inside it. With teeth 8 inches long and huge jaws more than three feet long, the pliosaur relied on its massive jaw muscles to rip into its food sources. Related: Brand New Loch Ness Monster Photo Appears On MSNBC Evidence of a disease resembling arthritis eventually led this dinosaur to suffer a broken jaw bone, which in turn affected the animal’s ability to kill its prey and chew its food. Scientists speculate that the ancient Loch Ness creature may have lived for years in pain with an arthritically twisted jaw prior to losing its ability to chew and eventually dying from hunger before it could be attacked or eaten by other, stronger...

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