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Former WWE Superstar Stops Florida Armed Robbery

EX WWE Champion Shad Gaspard Fights Armed Robber Shad Gaspard a former WWE superstar managed a K.O. in real-life by stopping an armed robber in a Florida convenience store on Saturday night. The police responded to a call out just after midnight for an attempted robbery. Reportedly the drunken suspect walked up to Shad and asked Shad to buy him a beer. When Shad declined, the suspect pulled a handgun. Shad sprung into action and shoved the suspect against a cooler door and grabbed the gun. The gun fell to the floor and Shad realized it was only a...

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Kentucky Fried Christmas and Other Weird Christmas Traditions of the World

Strangest Christmas Traditions from around the Globe Christmas is celebrated all over the world and some countries have some very weird traditions they follow. Here are the top ten picks from around the globe that you probably have never heard of – let alone imagined! Kentucky Fried Christmas in Japan Japan is obsessed with KFC on Christmas day. The Fried Chicken Giant will sell five to ten times its usual monthly sales at Christmas, more than 240.000 buckets of Chicken! Only one percent of Japanese are Christian and Christmas isn’t a national holiday in Japan. But somehow a bucket...

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The Best Christmas Ad of 2016 – Sure to Make You Weep

Polish Christmas Ad Trending Worldwide A Polish Ad for an auction website made its own writers and directors cry when they saw the finished ad. Viewers have also had a strong sentimental reaction to it. The advertisement is for auction website company ‘Allegro’. It focuses on an old Polish man learning English with the help of post it notes and headphones. He is seen sticking post-it notes of English names to many items in his house, including his dog and rubber ducky. He also practices his new vocabulary on his rubber ducky during hos bath time. After watching a...

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Snow in Hawaii

Snow Ruins Holiday Fun in Hawaii Areas of the usually sun-drenched state of Hawaii have been covered by a thick blanket of snow. ┬áThe weather experts have said it is not unusual for some snow to fall in Hawaii, the tropical holiday spot rarely has such heavy snowfall and at such low altitudes. According to ‘The Sun’ the snow is measuring at 90cm by telescopes and falling heaviest around two of the states tallest peaks. Howling winds along with the snow have impacted visibility with it heavily reduced. The National Weather Service has issued a storm warning for Sunday...

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Pizza Delivered By Reindeer in Japan

Reindeer pizza delivery cancelled in Japan In November Domino’s in Japan announced it would celebrate Christmas by delivering Pizza by way of reindeer. They obviously neglected to put much thought into how the reindeer would take this new initiative. Pizza delivered to homes by reindeer and a handler sounds very bizarre and very Japan. But unfortunately the reindeer have not welcomed this idea, as they have not co-operated and could not be trained to serve up piping hot pizza to customers at home. Totally dedicated to their idea, the employees took the reindeer to a test track to do...

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