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Reports of Trouble in Kim and Kanye’s Marriage False

Reports of Trouble in Kim and Kanye’s Marriage False Claims that there is trouble in the marriage between Kim and Kanye are reportedly false. A rumor had surfaced that Kim had asked Kanye for a break in their relationship in November and that he had not returned to live with her after his release from hospital. Kanye suffered a breakdown and cancelled his tour, his doctor had him admitted for treatment. It was thought Kim might make her comeback to celebrity appearances and social media around the time of Kanye’s breakdown. But it is now reported Kim is sanding...

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Kim and Kanye Put an End to Filming their reality show

Kardashians Stop the Show According to reports cameras have stopped rolling on Keeping up with the Kardashians. No new shows have been filmed since October 3rd. The same time as Kim went through her shocking robbery at gunpoint in Paris. The end of 2016 has not been an easy time for Kim and Kanye. With Kanye being hospitalized last week for a reported breakdown. Kanye has cancelled the rest of his tour for 2016 and at this stage it is not known when he will be released from hospital. It is understandable with the turmoil they have endured that...

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Spoilers for Season Seven Games of Thrones

New Games of Thrones Leaks for Season 7 On Sunday HBO showed the first look at the much hyped season 7 of Games Of Thrones. The preview was quick and gave a glimpse of the Starks in the ‘Coming in 2017’. The clip was shown before the penultimate episode of Westworld. The short preview featured just three pictures flashed quickly on screen. The medieval fantasy show favorites Jon Snow (played by Kit Harington), Sansa Stark (played by Sophie Turner) and Arya Stark (played by Maise Williams) were the stars of the clip. Winter has finally reached beyond the wall...

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Eat These Foods To Help Weight Loss

Eat These Foods To Help Weight Loss Every week a new diet expert comes up with diet regime that is supposedly the latest fad in the weight loss world. Diets that go by your blood group, diets that restrict whole food groups like grains or dairy and even diets that align to star signs. A diet is not an answer to long term weight loss, it is often a fact that after quick weight loss, quick weight gain follows. A diet is in design hard to stick to, especially when thought of as a ‘diet’. Diets seem transient and...

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Moving House at Christmas Time?

Happy Holidays and New Move Christmas holidays are full of celebration and cheer. Families and friends celebrating and being merry. It can also a time that brings some stress with the cheer. And if you are planning on moving into a new home over the holidays then stress levels can reach sky high. Just like a lot of people plan for Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations, a move needs to be planned as well. Especially when it is over the Holiday season. Believe or not Christmas is a very popular moving time. It may be because of longer holidays or...

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