Author: Anna Picard

Paul Kantner Dead At 74

Paul Kantner, guitarist, songwriter, and a founding member of Jefferson Airplane (later known as Jefferson Starship), has died at age 74. Kantner  died on Thur. Jan. 28th. Kantner was a co-founder of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame San Francisco band Jefferson Airplane. I remember him for a number of reasons and last saw him a few short years ago. (I’ll save those memories for another day). He truly was an important part of the Psychedelic Rock scene that became prevalent in 1960s San Fransisco. Personally, I loved some of the mid to late 70s’ Jefferson Starship albums...

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DC blizzard parking tickets Surpass $1-Million UPDATE

DC blizzard parking tickets soar If you live in D.C.’ the city  wants you to know it’s serious about enforcing the parking bans. Since the blizzard began last week, the District has issued $1,078,000 worth of parking tickets and $65,600 in fines so far. It has towed 656 cars. According to reports, until the snow emergency expires, the District will continue to ticket and tow vehicles parked or abandoned on any snow emergency route (PDF), or considered to be road hazards. Crews are trying to plow streets from curb to curb, officials said, and vehicles parked in the way of...

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Kalashnikov in Florida: Company To Produce AK-47 in Florida

Kalashnikov USA to produce AK-47 in Florida According to media reports Thrusday, American gun maker Kalashnikov USA is announcing plans to manufacture the famous AK-47 assault rifles in Florida. The company previously imported the weapons from the original manufacturer in Moscow. As reported by CNN, the company began producing the guns in Pennsylvania last year when President Obama imposed sanctions against Russia after its annexation of Crimea. At that point, Kalashnikov USA severed all ties with the Russian company. Now, Pompano Beach has approved the assembly of guns in the city. Guns assembled at the Pompano Beach factory will have...

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American tourist Murdered In Grenada (PHOTO)

An American tourist from Georgia was murdered on the Caribbean island of Grenada while on vacation, police say. Grenada police are questioning a man who turned himself in. Police say an American tourist was murdered while walking along the beach with her husband.  (Photo: Thinkstock) According to Yahoo, a dream vacation quickly turned into a nightmare for a couple visiting the island of Grenada. On Sunday, the body of a 39-year-old American woman was found about 12 miles outside of the island’s capital of St. George’s. “Breaking News,” said the alert on SpiceIslander Talk Shop. “ Officers at the St....

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Afghan police officer killed 10 Colleagues UPDATE

Afghan police officers killed 10 colleagues An Afghan policeman, suspected of collaborating with insurgents, drugged and then shot dead 10 of his colleagues in the southern province of Uruzgan, officials say. A provincial governor spokesman told the BBC the incident took place at a police checkpoint in the Chinartoo district early Tuesday. He said the suspect first drugged the 10 policemen and then fatally shot them. Officials said an operation had been launched to hunt down the assailant as Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the killing. The development came only a week after nine policemen were shot dead...

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