Author: Mike Zin

Ireland Ecstasy Law: For a limited time only, E is legal in Ireland

For a limited time only, E is legal in Ireland A Tuesday morning court ruling has opened doors for legal drug possession in Ireland—but for a limited time only. Ireland’s Court of Appeals ruled that a portion of the Misuse of Drugs Act of 1977 was unconstitutional. The unconstitutionality stems not from the language of the law, but how the law was enacted. Four years ago, Ireland’s government ministers acted unilaterally to add more than 100 substances to the 1977 law which circumvented the legal process. The unilateral move was declared unconstitutional by the Court and that part of...

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Legendary Shark Caught In Canada In 1983 Was Just A Teen

Legendary Shark Captured Off P.E.I in 1988 was Just a Teenager Back in 1988, one of the largest great white sharks ever captured was taken into possession off Prince Edward Island. The shark in question was female and measured just over 6 meters in length (~20 feet), accurately measured shark on record, The Discovery Channel said in its list of the Top 5 Legendary Sharks. Now, the CBC is reporting that the shark was probably 20 years old. Great white sharks live to an age of 70 and do not fully mature until they have reached age 30. This...

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BBM Reaches 100M Downloads

BBM Reaches 100M Downloads Messaging apps are some of the most popular smart phone apps in the market place right now. There are many different alternatives to texting that individuals love to use. These texting apps can allow individuals to text internationally without having very large fees. BMM is a great messaging app that has gained some great popularity very quickly. BGR reports that since it’s launch in 2013, it has had over 100 million downloads. This makes Black Berry Messenger one of the most popular smart phone apps out right now. CNet reports that users have sent over...

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French Helicopter Crash Leaves Two Former Olympians Dead

French Sports Stars Killed in Helicopter Crash France is in mourning today. Reports are coming in from online news sites such as The BBC that ten people have died Monday as a result of two helicopters colliding in Argentina. Among those ten people were three of France’s most celebrated sports stars. Eight people in the crash were French nationals and the two pilots were from Argentina, as per The Telegraph. The group of the ten individuals were in Argentina filming for a French reality show called Dropped which was to air on channel TF1. The show was meant to...

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Cute Mugshot girl Brags On Twitter About Her Booking Photo

Cute mugshot girl One Teenage Girl Brags about Her Mugshots after she is Arrested Alysa Suguro Bathrick, an 18-year-old Raleigh, North Carolina teenage girl, is becoming famous for her cute mugshot. Who knew getting arrested would make a cute girl famous? It all began last year when she was arrested, and her booking photo went viral. Just this week she was arrested again. She was charged for theft as a result of shoplifting from a store. She tweeted: Surrendered myself at 7 a.m., got released at 11:30 a.m. F*** what you heard. And my mugshot’s cute. #ftp Not all...

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