Mark, Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook, slid-off Bloomberg’s list of the “Top 40 Richest” just as quickly as he got on it. On May 18 the boy-wonder genius was included on the list at position No. 29 (without batting an eyelid) when his company went public. As Facebook shares continue to plummet, Zuckerberg was kicked-off the list. Instead of being worth $19.4 billion, he is only only now worth $14.4 billion.

The No. 1 billionaire on the list is Carlos Slim Helu, with Bill Gates coming in second.

Facebook shares have shockingly underperformed since it initially sold for $38 a share. Some analysis have said that it opened to high, but was not unexpected because of the company’s magnanimous user base.
Today shares are selling at $28, a huge drop in only twelve days where investors have gotten a little more than panicked as of late.

Zuckerburg is yet to comment on the series of events that are taking place with his company.

Zuckerburg Knocked Top 40 Richest List