Good Humor shortage enrages consumers

Good Humor ice cream trucks are reported to be short on ice cream.

The trucks are unable to stock core flavors like ‘toasted almond,’ or ‘chocolate eclair’ because of several challenges that have led parent company Unilever PLC to close its manufacturing plant in Hagerstown.

Customers from all over are becoming very upset over the shortage.

So how did this happen?

The Huffington Post reports:

“It is actually a combination of pretty unlucky factors. For one, summer came early all across America. High temperatures in early spring created an unexpected run on existing stock of the icy treats supplied to ice cream trucks. Also to blame, the company is in the midst of closing down the main Good Humor factory location in Hagerstown, MD. As if that weren’t enough, the recent U.S. launch of Magnum ice cream bars has also spread remaining production facilities thinly”

The company has released a statement promising to have the problem resolved by the middle of the summer, Still, people are chiming in, stating that they want their favorite flavors right now.

“We are confident that all issues will be resolved by mid-summer,” Unilever spokesman Jeff Graubard said in a statement.

Good Humor shortage Just In Time For A Heat Wave

Good Humor shortage Just In Time For A Heat Wave