Burger King Fires Teen Over Wearing A Skirt

A teenage girl from Texas was terminated from her job at Burger King for wearing a skirt to work. Ashanti McShan is a practicing Pentecostal Christian and female members of her denomination are not allowed to wear pants.

When Ashanti was hired by Burger King she was told by her manager that it would be fine for her to wear a skirt since it was in accordance with her religious beliefs. When Ashanti reported for her scheduled shift , she was sent home for not being in proper uniform.

Meanwhile, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a lawsuit against the Grand Prairie Franchise owner.

The organization states that Ashanti’s employer did not respect her religious beliefs. It is unlawful for an employer to discriminate against an employee for her religious beliefs or to force her to do something that contradicts with her religious beliefs.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission trial attorney Meaghan Shepard, who is representing McShan, told The Dallas Morning News, “The legal standard is ‘undue hardship,’ and in this instance it was a very simple request – to be able to wear a long black skirt and not black pants – and it was initially granted. And then she shows up at orientation, on time, and is then told by the manager to leave and that she couldn’t wear a skirt.”

“She was responsible, tried to get in touch with someone higher in the franchise, and they never responded to her. In our eyes, it was so clear-cut. She’s a very sweet, articulate young lady who was just trying to work her senior year in high school,” Shepard said.

Pentecostal Christians do not wear pants or cut their hairpin order to distinguish them from the males.